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Goldcoast and Byron Bay 2017



That’s my favourite word. Why? Because this trip was not very well planned but it worked out to be a great trip where I spent just over $400 Australian for 3 days.

After spending 4 days working and partying at Lost Paradise in the heat (35 – 40 degrees celsius), a breathe taking get away seemed to be a very very good idea. Due to the spontaneous decision to fly from Sydney to Coolangatta, prices of flights were a little more expensive than usual – 260 AUD return.

My friend from elementary/primary school in Sydney now lives in the Goldcoast and we were fortunate enough to have him drive down to Byron Bay after spending one night in a hostel in the Goldcoast that was 50 AUD per night.

My friends have travelled all over Europe and stayed in hostels. I personally have not been to a hostel until this trip and I must say, wow.. highly recommend doing it! It is a great way to meet people from all over the world and hear about their experiences with travel.

I must admit though, the first hostel we stayed at did not meet my friend’s expectations as it had too many rules that was not open to meeting people – a bit odd for a hostel, however, the hostel that we stayed at in Byron Bay was beyond amazing and met people from all over the world. It is located next to Subway in the main strand on Byron Bay. This place did not have a name yet as it was brand new. I recommend calling Subway in Byron Bay some time in the future to find out the name of that hostel. That stay was 50 AUD per night – money well spent!

The night life was good in bars, clubs and the street. I recommend starting the night at The Rails. This was free entry and they played old school R&B from the 2000s – the best kind. We met these girls from Finland at the kebab store – yes, herbs and kebabs bring people together.. 😉 They came down to Sydney after that weekend in Byron by hitching a ride with other friends they met in Byron and we were happy to show them around and make life – long friends! Who knows, maybe I will end up seeing them in Finland one day!

This is a picture of us in Sydney at the jump rock in Vaucluse


Lesson: don’t be afraid of a little spontaneity – especially if spending a lot of money is the main concern. There’s ways to budget. Although flights were expensive, that was a given due to a last minute booking. It is give or take, although flights are expensive, find other options that fit your budget. The key is to be realistic with financial decisions and your trip can be done cheaply – especially with a good group of friends!


For just 20 AUD, we hired bikes for 4 hours and cycled towards the light house in Byron – the most easterly point in Australia. That is where we stopped for an ice cream at Cape Byron Lighthouse Cafe whilst enjoying a sunny ocean view.



This image below is perfect for beginner surfers. There were many beginners on mini mal surf boards that you could rent for 20 AUD/day.



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